Episode 1

The man pages introduction using ls

This episode covers a brief introduction to the UNIX manual, commonly known as `man pages`, using the `ls` command, which is a command used for displaying the contents of directories or folders on the system.

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Episode 2

The man pages user specified arguments

Reviewing the man pages for the `ls` command shows how you can pass user specified arguments to that command. Passing user specified arguments is not only available for the `ls` command, but for most commands available on the UNIX operating system.

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Episode 3

The man pages mutually exclusive arguments

This episode shows how the man pages can specify mutually exclusive arguments for a given command. For example, the `pwd` command accepts -L or -P options, but because they each return a unique result, using them together might not return the expected results.

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Episode 4

The man pages important sections

This episode shows the various sections that are provided for UNIX system manual, as well as how to access help from individual sections, and how the information returned might differ depending on which section was specified.

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