Episode 97

The env command introduction

This episode shows how to display the user's environment variables and highlights some of the more common ones that are used.

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Episode 98

The PATH environment variable

This episode explains what the PATH environment variable does and how to view its contents using the `echo` command.

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Episode 99

Setting environment variables

After putting a `hello-world` shell script under my ~/bin/ directory, I show how to set the PATH variable using the `export` built-in command so that I can run the script without specifying the full path location.

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Episode 100

Displaying environment variables

This episode shows how to use the `echo` command to display the contents of common environment variables.

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Episode 101

Shell initialization files

This episode discusses how certain files are run when loading the bash shell, and how a simple trick can be used to eliminate some of the complexity with your .bashrc and .bash_profile files.

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Episode 102

Sourcing files

This episode shows how to use the bash shell `source` builtin command to make it a part of the current shell environment.

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Episode 103

The alias & unalias commands

This episode shows how to disable an existing alias as well as how to list all aliases currently available in your environment.

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